A Clear Drop in the Proportion of Severe Cases In Wuhan, Hubei and Nationwide

At today’s press briefing organized by the State Council inter-agency task force, Mi Feng, an NHC spokesperson and a Deputy Director-General for Communications, said that as of 24:00, 15 February, the share of severe cases in confirmed cases had registered a clear drop in Wuhan and Hubei as well as in other parts of the country. In Wuhan, the severe case rate dropped from the peak of 32.4% on 28 January to 21.6% on 15 February despite some fluctuations. In other parts of Hubei, the severe case rate has gone down from the peak of 18.4% on 27 January to 11.1% on 15 February. Nationwide excepting Hubei, it has declined from 15.9% on 27 January to 7.2% on 15 February. These positive developments suggest that China’s epidemic control efforts are beginning to pay off.

WHO chief calls for solidarity in fighting epidemics

MUNICH, Germany, Feb. 15 (Xinhua) — The World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Saturday called for solidarity in fighting the epidemics here at the 56th Munich Security Conference (MSC).

Reasons for the Surge of Confirmed NCP Cases

According to experts, the number of newly confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) on 12 February released by Hubei Province increased significantly because it included the 13,332 cases confirmed by clinical diagnosis. This new diagnosis standard will contribute to the targeted treatment of previously unconfirmed cases as well as the overall epidemic control.

Epidemic experiences major slowdown

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is noticeably slowing down in China, with Hubei province, the center of the outbreak, recording the lowest number of new infections since late January and the rest of the country seeing the total confirmed cases decline for eight consecutive days.

World Leaders Commend China’s Epidemic Control Efforts

On 6 February, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom conveyed through Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, to Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming her sympathy and blessings for China in the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak. At an evening reception held at the Ambassador’s residence, Prince Andrew said the Queen is very concerned about the outbreak; she understands that the fight against it is now at a crucial stage, expresses sincere sympathy to President Xi Jinping and the Chinese people, and prays for the speedy control and victory over the virus.

State Council Inter-agency Task Force Gives Press Briefing

On 7 February, the State Council inter-agency task force held a press briefing on further steps taken to control the outbreak in key areas, increase hospital admission and cure rates, and lower infection and case fatality rates.

Digital economy helps offset coronavirus impact

SHANGHAI, Feb. 7 (Xinhua) — When some industries in China have been put into temporary stagnation due to the sudden coronavirus epidemic outbreak, the country’s booming digital economy, however, is playing an increasingly important role in hedging economic risks and uncertainty.

Xi: Nation can win battle against virus

China has the confidence and capability to win the battle on the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus, President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday.

FDF China to be held in June to boost Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises to “go global” and promote the innovation and development of industry

FDF China, collocated with CPhI China, will be held from June 22-24, 2020 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). More and more formulation enterprises need to implement strategic layout to step up cooperation in innovation and facilitate the integration of science and technology with economic growth and increase the sharing of innovation results.