Onsite Conferences

Thanks for your interest in the onsite conferences and activities of CPHI and PMEC China.
Most of the onsite conferences will be presented in Chinese. However, we have selected some of the key topics that might be interested to international audiences and English translation maybe added to some of the conferences below. 
To view the full onsite conference list, you may go to the page in Chinese below.


S/N2024 Onsite Conference & Activity ListJuneLocationLanguageNotes
 A. General1718192021
A2China-World Innovation and Development Forum 2024   Hall E1 Meeting Room M16Chinese-English 
A8Plant Visit   PlantChinese-English 
A10U.S. Health Industry, Products & Services Introduction    Hall E1 Meeting Room M12Chinese-English 
 B. Pharma Excipients        
B4Pharma Excipients Awards 2024    Kerry Hotel Pudong ShanghaiChinese-English 
 C. Finished Dosage 
C12024 CPHI International Regulatory Agencies Updates and Q&A Session    Hall E2 Meeting Room M19Chinese-English 
 D. Bio Pharma  
D2The 9th China Bio-pharmaceuticals Outlook Summit   Hall W4 Meeting Room M6Chinese-English 
D4Out-licensing and BD in Emerging Markets    Hall W4 Meeting Room M7Chinese-English 
 F. Natural Extracts 
F4Natural Ingredients Awards 2024    Kerry Hotel Pudong ShanghaiChinese-English 
 H. Packaging Material  & Drug Delivery 
H4The 10th International Summit for Pharmaceutical Packaging & Drug Delivery System: New Packaging Technology & Future Development of Biologics    Hall N5 Meeting Room M48Chinese-English 
H5InnoPack Awards China 2024    Kerry Hotel Pudong ShanghaiChinese-English 

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