A Clear Drop in the Proportion of Severe Cases In Wuhan, Hubei and Nationwide

17.02.2020 17:10

At today’s press briefing organized by the State Council inter-agency task force, Mi Feng, an NHC spokesperson and a Deputy Director-General for Communications, said that as of 24:00, 15 February, the share of severe cases in confirmed cases had registered a clear drop in Wuhan and Hubei as well as in other parts of the country. In Wuhan, the severe case rate dropped from the peak of 32.4% on 28 January to 21.6% on 15 February despite some fluctuations. In other parts of Hubei, the severe case rate has gone down from the peak of 18.4% on 27 January to 11.1% on 15 February. Nationwide excepting Hubei, it has declined from 15.9% on 27 January to 7.2% on 15 February. These positive developments suggest that China’s epidemic control efforts are beginning to pay off.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People’s Republic of China