New Confirmed Cases in Hubei Drop for Second Day,Dipping below 2,000 for the First Time in 10 Days

13.02.2020 21:53

According to latest statistics released on 12 February by the Health Commission of Hubei Province, between 00:00 and 24:00, 11 February, 1,638 new confirmed cases were reported in Hubei. As of 24:00, 11 February, 33,366 newly confirmed cases were reported in the province.


A careful analysis of Hubei’s daily figures in February done by analysts at finds that the number of new confirmed cases on 11 February is the lowest of the month and marks the second consecutive day of decline. It also marked the first time the number dipped below 2,000 since 2 February. The figures released by the website of the Health Commission of Hubei Province for 2 through 11 February were 2,103 (2 Feb.), 2,345 (3 Feb.), 3,156 (4 Feb.), 2,987 (5 Feb.), 2,447 (6 Feb.), 2,841 (7 Feb.), 2,147 (8 Feb.), 2,618 (9 Feb.), 2,097 (10 Feb.) and 1,638 (11 Feb.) respectively.


At a press briefing given by the State Council inter-agency task force on 11 February, an NHC spokesperson said that the number of new suspected cases in Wuhan witnessed an overall (though not straight) decline from its peak of 2,071 on 5 February to 961 on 10 February.


Editor:Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People’s Republic of China