China to adopt differentiated measures to curb epidemic, resume social order

19.02.2020 21:55

BEIJING — China has released a guideline requiring local authorities to work out differentiated measures for different county-level regions to fight the novel coronavirus outbreak and resume economic and social order.


Measures should be made for every county-level region based on the region’s population and epidemic situation, said the guideline issued by a State Council joint task force.


The measures should specify epidemic prevention and control strategies according to the risk level of the regional epidemic situation, said the guideline.


Low-risk regions shall focus on preventing an influx of the virus while fully restoring normal life and production; medium-risk regions need to take actions preventing both an influx and spread of the virus while resuming normal life and production in an orderly manner at an early date; high-risk regions should adopt strict control measures preventing both an influx and spread of the virus and gradually resume economic and social order according to the epidemic situation, according to the guideline.


Hubei province and its capital Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus outbreak, will continue to adopt the most vigorous measures to curb the spread of the virus.


The guideline asked provincial-level governments to dynamically adjust the risk levels of the county-level regions within their jurisdiction, and terminate emergency responses or reduce their risk levels when the number of infection cases is in a steady decline and the outbreak is effectively reined in.


The guideline also stressed the need to ensure smooth traffic flow and the supply of protective materials for personnel and enterprises in the transportation industry.