PharmaSources Launches E-Trade Season 2021 ——Digital Business Platform & On-demand Webinars for Pharmaceutical Industry

13.04.2021 10:09, an international B2B trade portal for the pharmaceutical verticals, is launching the virtual event E-Trade Season together with CPhI and P-MEC China from March to June 2021 to provide the pharmaceutical industry with online learning and trading opportunities. This includes months of informative content and targeted matchmaking service – delivering over 8 themed webinar series and showcasing high-quality pharma suppliers from different pharmaceutical sectors.


The webinars will cover topics of global pharma trends, pharma APIs supply chain, drug manufacturing and R&D, biopharmaceuticals technologies and dynamics, quality management, production technology and machinery, pharma packaging & delivery, and vitamins markets.


“It had been a success for E-Trade Season 2020 edition,” said Zing Zhou, Senior Director of PharmaSources. “Therefore, E-Trade Season will extend up to 4 months in its 2021 edition to increase the exposure of the local pharma players in the global markets, as well as to broaden the souring and learning opportunities for international buyers.”


One of the key goals of the 2021 edition is to enhance industry learning and digital business experience and create an omni-channel digital platform for pharmaceutical industry. Here are some of the highlighted English sessions in E-Trade Season 2021.


API Manufacturing Trends

15 April


The global market for the outlook and manufacture of APIs is shifting as more complex or potent ingredients evolve which present specific handling and manufacturing challenges. This themed session includes on-demand webinar and quality APIs suppliers’ display. The webinar is going to discuss the latest technological approaches for these products and how quality, safety and cost can be managed and improved upon.

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Vitamins, CO Q10 and NMN Market

17-19 May

The Vitamin Markets have seen spikes and heats during the past year, in the globe as well as in its biggest manufacturing country China. Conventional products like Vitamin C and Vitamin D have increased sales in 2020, as there is aroused attention to immune system caused by Covid-19. Meanwhile, new heated products like CoQ10 and NMN prevail the markets and create more opportunities. This session will focus on the dynamics of global and Chinese vitamin markets and outlooking the newly heated niche markets of CoQ10 and NMN.


India & China Pharma Market

22 June

India and China are mutual reliable partner especially in pharma industry. Under the Pharma Vision 2020, the Indian government dedicated to making India into a global leader not only in the production of low-cost generic medicines but also end-to-end drug discovery and development. The Sino-India session will enhance learning and networking of pharma industry and contributing to the advancement of the Sino-India connection.


Pharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing

29 June

This session features webinar, quality pharmaceutical and herbal medicines manufacturing machinery displaying, and business corporation among Southeast Asian Nations, China and global markets.


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