Focusing on New Developments of COVID-19 Vaccines, Pharma Sources Insight (August 2020) is Launched!

31.08.2020 17:23

Pharma Sources Insight August 2020 focuses on the following topics:


-Developments of COVID-19 diagnostic test

-Will the Bottles be Enough with the Marketing of COVID-19 Vaccine?

-Designing the Messenger: Story of the mRNA Vaccine

-Inactivated Virus Vaccines vs. mRNA Vaccines: Differences between China and the U.S. in Preferred Technologies for Developing COVID-19 Vaccines

Global News

-With Up to 18 First Generics, Hansoh Ranking Second in the Industry in China

-A Review of the Great Journey of Capecitabine that Has Been Marketed in China for 20 Years

-The Layout of Inhalation Formulations in the Chinese Market (I)

-The Layout of Inhalation Formulations in the Chinese Market (II)

Brand Story

-Oriented by Product Innovation, Dongtai Pharma Striving to Build a Global Characteristic Pharmaceutical Brand

-“Interview Changzhou Golden Bright Pharmaceutical Factory: How to achieve safe production while ensuring quality?”

Industry Insight

– Advantages to Using CROs

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