Scope of Exhibits

PPEs: Non-surgical masks, Surgical masks, Surgical gloves, Examination gloves, Goggles, Face shields, Medical protective clothing, etc.

Medical Equipment: Ventilators, Anesthesia machines, Medical monitors, Oximeters, Negative pressure isolation chambers, Emergency equipment, etc.

Disinfection Products: Rubbing alcohol, Disinfectants, Hand sanitizers, Sterilization / purification disinfection machinery and equipment, etc.

Diagnostic Products: Infrared thermometers, Diagnostic reagent and equipment, AI auxiliary diagnosis system, etc.

Integrated Healthcare Services: Independent testing and certification agencies, Medical testing laboratories, Customs clearance / warehousing /logistics service,Supply chain finance, etc.


Online Matchmaking of the products for Infection Control & Prevention

● Focusing on Saudi Arabia, Russia, EU, ASEAN and other countries and regions.

● Precise Matching and One-on-One E-Meetings

2020 Event Overview

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