0001NEX High Quality Suppliers Gallery


20-22, June
The corridor of E3 to E4


Why Visit?
With export mounting $1.927 billion, and businesses over 2255, plant extracts industry maintains a rapid economic growth in recent years. Thus among the mass companies, it has become a pressing issue how to find out truly good extract suppliers against the background of bad quality driving out the good and spotty companies making exaggerated claims.

To resolve this issue, an entire new program of “NEX High Quality Suppliers Gallery” was launched in NEX China 2016 by China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products, CCCMHPIE in short.

The gallery continues to be an annual presence in 2017. Come to the gallery, and you will get the chance to know about top-notch extract companies, including the ones who have acquired GEP Certification issued by industry leaders——CCCMHPIE and NSF.


2017年NEX China再一次推出植物提取物优质供应商产品展示秀(NEX High Quality Suppliers Gallary)。主办方中国医药保健品进出口商会(CCCMHPIE)将在E3到E4馆的连廊通道处设置优质企业独立展示区,展示包括中国医药保健品进出口商会联合美国国家卫生基金会(NSF)联合认证的植物提取物优质供应商产品以及其他优质企业的明星产品,将会带给您一场精心准备的展中精品展。

What is GEP Certification?


GEP stands for Good Manufacturing Extraction Practice, which aims at the selection of quality plant extracts companies. The credit of companies applying for GEP Certificates will be evaluated by CCCMHPIE, and their factories inspected by NSF. Certificates will be issued to the candidates according to public feedback after evaluation and inspection results published on the website of CCCMHPIE, NSF, herbridge.com, etc.,.




植物提取物优质供应商认证(GEP Certification)由中国医药保健品进出口商会(CCCMHPIE)联合美国国家卫生基金会(NSF)共同认证,目的是为了甄选优质植提企业。认证企业将由CCCMHPIE出具诚信评价报告,并由NSF出具工厂检查报告。评价结果发布于CCCMHPIE官网、NSF官网、中国植物提取物网和植提桥等各种媒体。根据公示反馈结果,确定最终认证结果。