2017 CPhI & NEX China--21FOOD International Buyer Sourcing Event
CPhI & NEX China--21FOOD国际买家采购会

Date & Location: 20-21 June, 2017, Hall E4 M25 Meeting Room

Event details

"CPhI & NEX China 2017” cooperates with “21 Food” to hold “CPhI & NEX China--21FOOD International Buyers Sourcing Event for the first time. By Inviting international buyers to the event, the organizer aims to help Chinese suppliers to establish a cooperative relationship with overseas buyers. Moreover, through this event, our exhibitor will understand the international market and access to more business opportunities effectively!

The buyer sourcing event can effectively narrow the distance between buyers and sellers through one - to - one, face-to-face negotiations mode. Besides, this kind of cost reduction mode by decreasing the intermediate links has been recognized by more and more domestic and overseas buyers

For more details, please contact +86 2133392259


2017年“CPhI & NEX China”首次携手“21 Food”联合打造CPhI & NEX China--21FOOD国际买家采购会,把国际知名买家请到家门口,帮助中国供应商与国际买家建立合作关系、了解国际市场、获取有效商机!
更多活动详情及报名参与,请联络:陈小姐 +86 21 3339 2259