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把握全球制药行业整合趋势 助力中国医药合同定制企业快速成长
June 20-22, 2018
Shanghai New International Expo Centre


Navigating the New Regulatory Environment for Pharmaceutical Innovation
—What Do New Changes in China’s Regulatory System Mean to Future Investments? (Bilingual)

2016年6月22日∣Date: June 22, 2016
Organizer: CCCMHPIE & UBM Sinoexpo
上海新国际博览中心E2馆M17会议室∣Venue: SNIEC, Hall E2 Meeting Room M17





Opening remarks

Xu Ming, Vice President of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products



Opportunities of pharmaceutical market in China

Dr. Cherrie Che, Head of BHC Strategy and Sales Excellence, China, Bayer Healthcare Co., Ltd.

嘉宾简介/Speaker Biography:


Dr Cherrie Che is the Head of Strategy & Sales Excellence at Bayer Healthcare China. Bayer is most valuable company in the German stock index.
Dr Che has accumulated 24 years of experience from leading global pharmaceutical companies and the Australian flagship biotechnology company CSL. She had covered broad responsibilities in R&D, production, marketing, medical, strategy and commercial operation excellence. In her 6 years as a leading consultant, she had worked for the Boston Consulting Group and Ernst & Young to provide strategy and management solutions to enterprises and the government.
She is the first person from China to receive the Rising Star Award from the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association. Dr Che obtained her PhD (major in pharmacology) from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and completed the Program for Leadership Development from Harvard Business School.




平台 . 合作 . 机遇
Platforms. Partnerships. Possibilities

Dr. Hui Cai, Vice President of Corporate Alliances, Head of PR and Corporate Communications, WuXi AppTec

演讲概要/Speech Outline:

[1] Despite tremendous scientific and technological advances over the past decades, the introduction of new therapeutics and healthcare products continues to face major challenges.
[2] Better Medicines Faster for patients requires open-access approaches to lower the entry barrier for innovation, and to harness collective capabilities and experience to improve the odds of success.
[3] WuXi’s mission is to build and strengthen an open-access capability and technology platform to enable anyone and any company to discover and develop pharmaceuticals and healthcare products to benefit patients.

嘉宾简介/Speaker Biography:

Dr. Hui Cai joined WuXi AppTec in 2009 as Vice President of Business Development, and is currently Vice President of Corporate Alliances and Head of PR and Corporate Communications. Prior to WuXi, Dr. Cai spent 10 years at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development leading multiple drug discovery programs in the therapeutic areas of inflammation and autoimmune diseases. She is a co-author and co-inventor to over 40 scientific publications and issued or pending patents. Dr. Cai is a Councilor of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and a member of ACS national committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs. She is also a member of the Advisory Council of UCSD IRPS 21th Century China Program, and a member of BayHelix. In her past capacity, she served as a Commissioner at the City of San Diego Science and Technology Commission, Chair of SABPA, and President of SDCA. Dr. Cai received her BS and MS in Chemistry from Peking University, PhD from The Scripps Research Institute, and MBA from UCSD Rady School of Management as a DLA Piper – Athena Scholar.



New opportunities for Foreign Pharma/Biotech Companies in China – Chinese Regulatory Reform

刘伟强, 原上海市食品药品监督管理局认证审评中心GMP部副部长,上海万逸医药科技有限公司总经理
Liu Weiqiang, Former Deputy Chief of GMP Department of Center for Certification & Evaluation, SHFDA

嘉宾简介/Speaker Biography:


Mr. Liu Weiqiang graduated from China Pharmaceutical University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Analysis. He established Shanghai Wan Yi Consulting Co., Ltd. in 2009 and is in charge of advisory services to drug manufacturers, and gives trainings to inspectors as well as guidance to onsite simulated examination for China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). Mr. Liu Weiqiang was also invited to join the revision on part of GMP 2010.
Mr. Liu Weiqiang has over 20 years of pharmaceutical experience in China. Before joining Shanghai Wan Yi, he worked as Former Deputy Chief of GMP Department of Center for certification & evaluation, SHFDA and got rich experience in supervising and administrating of drug manufacturers by doing plenty of related work.



Clinical Use (IND) Formulation Development Meeting Local & International Standards

Dr. Allen Zhang, VP & Head of Frontage CMC Services, Frontage Laboratories Inc.

嘉宾简介/Speaker Biography:

张博士在医药研发,产品开发生产,项目和药业管理领域有20余年的工作经验,拥有专业研发能力及卓越领导才能。加入方达前自2012年7月起在方达投资公司裕松源担任首席运行官,高级研发副总裁领军10万平方米GMP注射剂,固体厂房设计与建设,组建研发团队和开发新产品。在加入裕松源之前,自2004年起,任职于诺华(Novartis)制药业在美国的分公司,分别担任全球医药产品生命周期及药物输送技术研发总监,全球新药研发项目管理负责人,美国知识产权领军人和资深院士。1995年至2004年,张博士分别在美国脂质体公司(The Liposome Company/Elan Pharmaceuticals)任高级科学家,美国百特 (Baxter) 医疗保健公司担任首席科学家,美国NeoPharm (脂质体和纳米药物载体)制药公司担任研发副总裁。发表论文及著作40余篇, 并申请和获得20余项专利。张博士本科毕业于上海医科大学,拥有美国俄勒冈州立大学药学博士学位。

Dr. Allen Zhang currently is the VP, and Head of CMC Services of Frontage Labs (US Based Pharmaceutical CRO) in China. He has about 20 years’ experience in pharmaceutical industry with strong research and development and leadership skills.  Prior to joining Frontage Labs, he was the Chief Operating Officer at Frontage invested company, Yusongyuan Pharmaceuticals responsible for the overall scientific and operational management.  He spent about 8 years (2004-2012) at Novartis Pharmaceutical Company in the US where held positions in different functional groups with increased responsibilities:  as the Global Project Leader/Director of Global Life-Cycle Management & Drug Delivery Technologies , Global Technical Project Leader and IP Champion in the USA.  From 1995-2004, he was the Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development at NeoPharm in the US, and leading scientific roles at Baxter and The Liposome Company (Elan Pharmaeuticals) both in the US.  He has published more than 40 papers and abstracts, and 20 issued patents and patent applications.   Dr. Zhang received his undergrad degree in Shanghai Medical University/Fudan, and Ph.D. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Oregon State University.



Healthcare Cross board Investment and M&A by Chinese Investors

Dr. Bing Li, Managing Director of Fosun Group, oversea PE investment for healthcare sector

嘉宾简介/Speaker Biography:

Dr. Bing Li is currently the Managing Director of Fosun Group, in charge of oversea PE investment for healthcare sector. Previously, Dr. Li was the Vice President and General Manager for Fosunpharma International Department, leading the company’s oversea investment and M&A. Dr. Li joined Fosunpharma from Warburg Pincus, where he co-led Warburg Pincus healthcare practice in China during 2010-2014. Prior to it, Dr. Li was General Manager, GSK China Enterprise where he led the Enterprise Business Unit and overall BD/Strategy function for GSK China. Previously, Dr. Li also worked at global headquarter of Eli Lilly and advanced his career from multiple roles including strategic planning, business development and new product planning. Dr. Li also had work experiences at G.D. Searle and Hewlett Packard Medical Product Group.




Investment Challenges and Opportunities in Healthcare Industry
—— How to Attract Capital or Funding to Realize Your Goal in China

Dr. Wenbao Li, Investment Director/Manager for healthcare/biotechnology investment of Morningside Technologies, Inc. and General Manager of Kunming Biomed International

嘉宾简介/Speaker Biography:

美国杨伯瀚大学生物分析化学博士,美国杜邦公司中央研究院药物代谢与毒理研究博士后。历任美国杜邦公司项目带头人,科文斯公司(Covance Laboratories, Inc.)项目经理/首席资深研究员,美国基因实验室公司(Genelabs Technologies, Inc.)药物代谢与毒理研发部总监等职务。2007年回国加入晨兴科技投资,从事生物医药健康领域的投资工作。曾任晨兴科技风险投资公司项目投资经理,瀚盟生物技术(天津)有限公司和康肽德生物医药技术(上海)有限公司总经理等职。现任昆明科灵生物科技有限公司总经理。负责公司的总体运行和市场开发工作,两年内带领公司扭亏为盈,目前实现近上亿元的收入。


Senior manager/leader with Bio-tech investment experience and company managing experience, extensive drug discovery & development experience in major chemical and pharmaceutical, leading CRO and biotechnology companies directing projects from lead discovery and lead optimizations to preclinical development and IND filings.  Directly supported and successfully established drug discovery and development collaborations with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, with a cash value of more than $600 millions.  Outstanding personality with great leadership skills and solid scientific backgrounds.  Wonderful team player and team builder who understands the complexities of drug discovery and development processes, basic regulatory requirements, and company operations. Perspectives from both pharmaceutical industries and contract research organizations; and cultures from eastern and western regions.


2016  CPhI CRO 论坛 : 临床 CRO 的未来之路  
2016 CPhI CRO
/CMO Seminar 

2016年6月21日∣21 June, 2016
主办:中国医药保健品进出口商会、研发客∣Organizer: CCCMHPIE, PharmaDJ
地点:E2馆M20会议室∣Venue: Hall E2 M20 Meeting Room





Management and Operation of A Good Clinical Lab

张胜军, 方达医药科技公司临床副总,海医方达临床药物实验中心主任
Shane Zhang, Clinical VP of Frontage Laboratories LLC & Director of HaiYi Frontage Clinical Research Center


提问互动Q & A  



Prospects Of CMO For Biologics

牟澄泓, 勃林格殷格翰生物药业业务拓展和关键客户管理
Chelsea Mou, Business Development And Key Account Management, Boehringer-ingelheim


提问互动Q & A


全产业链解决方案: 结识新客户,碰撞新思想,把握新商机。