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CPhI China Pharmaceutical Excipients Discovery Tour

CPhI China 药用辅料探索之旅

With the global stability of the drug safety, effectiveness, and long-term attention, as one of the important and basic components of pharmaceutical production, pharmaceutical excipients are facing a huge market opportunity. However, in 2016 with the opening of generic consistency evaluation and implementation of package materials Association review, China native medicinal packaging materials and accessories industry will face a comprehensive upgrade. In 2015, China medicinal packaging materials and accessories industry market size of 50 billion RMB is expected in 2020, the drug excipients market size will reach 100 billion RMB level, and the growth space is too huge.

随着全球对药物有效性、稳定性、安全性和长期性的关注,作为药品生产重要和基础组成部分之一的药用辅料面临巨大的市场机遇。而2016年伴随着仿制药一致性评价的开启及包材辅料关联审评的实施,中国本土药用包材和辅料产业将面临全面升级。 2015年,中国药用包材和辅料行业市场规模为500亿元人民币,预计2020年,药用辅料市场规模将增至1000亿元级别,成长空间巨大。

As the Asia Pacific pharmaceutical industry's flagship exhibition, CPhI China not only gathers Anhui Sunhere Pharmaceutical Excipients Co.,Ltd., Hunan ER-Kang Pharmaceutical Co., LTD, Shandong Head Co.,Ltd., HUZHOU ZHANWANG PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD., and other well-known domestic enterprises, has also attracted MELLGE, Colorcon, JRS, Roguette and other excellent overseas pharmaceutical excipients’ suppliers. Thus the organizer will hold “CPhI China Pharmaceutical Excipients Discovery Tour” during CPhI China 2017 to discover domestic high-quality excipients production companies.

CPhI China 作为亚太地区制药行业的旗舰展会不仅聚集了包括山河药辅、尔康制药、赫达、湖南展望、等国内知名企业,也吸引了美剂乐、卡乐康、JRS、罗盖特等在内的海外知名辅料生产企业,因此一场探索寻找国内优质药辅产品及新展商的“CPhI China药用辅料探索之旅”将在展会期间展开。

Theme One: CPhI China Solid Dosage Excipients Discovery Tour

主题一: CPhI China固体制剂辅料探索之旅


Theme Two: CPhI China New Exhibitors in Excipients Zone Discovery Tour
主题二:CPhI China药用辅料新展商探索之旅

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